Youth Entrepreneurship is the Solution to Unemployment Crisis

Kenya for instance, advertised 30,000 or so employment vacancies. This number pales in comparison to the millions of graduate youths we have in the country. This is a message loud enough to spur change of approach in tackling unemployment. We cannot rely on the white collar jobs to solve the unemployment crisis. Besides, our political leaders have little will to create more employment opportunities. Just take a look at their dishonorable demands for more perks amid the current state of economy.

Indeed we must get to the forefront of creating alternative opportunities for ourselves. This calls for youth entrepreneurship. Youth must become more aware of the self employment career option, develop ideas, take and manage risks, learn the process and take the initiative in developing and owning a business.

Accessing capital is essential to fostering youth entrepreneurship. This is where SACCOs and the likes come in. They not only provide financial services but also entrepreneurship education. Youths must identify with appropriate SACCOs to benefit from tailored services. Some may be asking where about of these SACCOs. According to Ministry of Cooperative Development and Marketing, there are slightly over 100 active SACCOs that target youth entrepreneurs in Kenya.

Youth entrepreneurship is the best alternative to avert the unemployment crisis. It provides opportunities for wealth creation. Youths must take matters in their own hands by supporting each other. Through initiating association, youths are able to network, share and be inspired by one another. Within these associations, youths can pitch for mentoring programs. This enhances skills and improves the entrepreneurial mindset. Youth entrepreneurs would be able to better adapt to the changing market.

Entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool to help fight youth unemployment. Let us embrace it.