Women’s Underwear And When to Wear Them

Underwear is essential for reasons not limited to: protecting body organs, keeping tampons and pads in place, keeping clothes clean by absorbing discharge, et cetera.

Rightly they should be adorned. Here are examples of women panties and when they are appropriate:


  1. Seamless pants

Panty lines could be very embarrassing when they are showing. Seamless panty helps you avoid such embarrassments.

  1. Booty shorts

They are very trendy and apart from wearing them as an outer attire, they can be worn inside a free dress. In the case of strong wind, booty shorts give better coverage when wind blow the dress away.

  1. G- string

Not everyone is a fun/comfortable with a G- string pants but I feel every woman should at least have one. When wearing that fitting dress/ skirt or trouser this panty is essential has it leaves no visible lines.

  1. Briefs

They are very common and owned by pretty much every woman. You can pair them with any outfit as   long as it’s not very fitting because they usually leave lines but give full coverage.

  1. High- waist panties

Do you have a big tummy? High-waist panties should be your thing. This kind hides your big tummy on your pencil outfits. They usually give a good coverage and also perfect for office wear and even casual trousers.

  1. Thongs

Thongs are not a thing for many ladies. However, they can be worn with any fitting cloth, trousers etc. since they are comfortable hence no visible panty lines.

There are many types of women panties but as a woman try have as many types as possible.

PS: Do you think a woman should go COMMANDO? LOL. That’s a discussion for another day.

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