Why do Men Cheat?

I always wonder why men will have to cheat even after making life promises. Excuses for cheating are amazingly funny. They will blame anything to get away with cheating. A good number of unfaithful men are not ready to let go of the woman they are married to or dating. So why do men cheat?


Age doesn’t necessary prove that one is mature, but his view of life challenges does. Most men who cheat have no experience in relationship commitment. He does not understand the impact of cheating on someone else that cares a lot about them and therefore finds it an interesting act.

Insecurity and ego boost

Low self-esteemed men are likely to cheat compared to those with self confidence. They crave for external validation which they deem isn’t achievable with one partner. He is forced to seek proof from women to feel worthy.

 Co-occurring issues

Men always love it when their efforts are appreciated and made comfortable after the tireless day. Ladies get so comfortable in marriage. “No need to warm his food,  he will do it himself , it has been 5 years now in marriage and I don’t have to call my husband sweetie or honey  , we no longer plan for dinner and picnics.” Not being able to make the love strong because of the time spent together will push the man away. This will push the man to look for someone else who will be able to make him feel important.

Setting up stage for the next relationship

Why look for a job when you have one already? Some will say for greener pastures. Similarly, men will prefer to look for a ‘new catch’ while their partner lasts. The man longs to end his relationship but not until he has someone in line. Some may also lack the courage to end their relationship and opt to start cheating so that the lady will have to walk out by herself.

Peer pressure 

Men to men chit-chats raise a lot of topics one of them being relationships. They boast of their power in luring many ladies. This supercharges their actions to compete in luring ladies. They are influenced to getting more than one lady for fame and popularity.

Love is a reason to enjoy living; it gets so painful when love turns sour because of infidelity.