What You Need to Know In order to Achieve that Flawless Look

Ladies go miles just to make sure that they got a flawless look. The surge in need for beauty products has made cosmetic industry worth billions of dollars.

Almost every lady is into makeup. Lipsticks, mascara eye shadow, foundation, blush, primer, bronzer, and eyeliner are some of the beauty products used by ladies to emphasize the stunning look.

In as much as there are no established guidelines for applying makeup, it is easy to identify when it is inappropriately applied. Here are what to adhere to before achieving that flawless appearance.

  1. Remove any old make-up

Make sure that your face is clean. Applying more make-up over the top of old make-up will give unnatural look.

  1. Wash your face and let it dry completely

This helps to remove all the bacteria and dead cells, and then apply a moisturizer, regardless of your skin tone.

  1. Use a primer

Primer   is used before applying any make-up. It has a couple of importance; it gives a long lasting matte look, leaves skin feeling velvety soft and smooth, provides superior make-up hold that last all day, and antioxidant ingredients keep your skin younger.

  1. Apply a coat of foundation

Foundations   come into   different   shades. Choose the one that goes with your skin tone for you to look more natural. Foundation creates an even base for your other make-up.

  1. Next apply a concealer

Concealers also come in different shades. Use a concealer in shade slightly lighter in your skin tone to brighten dark areas. Concealer is also used to cover acne and dark spots, and should be blended well into your foundation. This is optional to those who don’t want to conceal anything on the face like pimples or dark spots.

  1. Use a setting powder

After applying foundation and concealer, apply a setting powder that goes with your skin tone to achieve an even appearance.

  1. Apply a highlighter, contouring and blush

These products are mainly used to make your face look thinner and longer in appearance.

  1. Drawing of the eye brows

This is optional to some people. First select a color of brow pencil, powder or pomade that is close to your natural hair. Start by outlining the edge of your eyebrows with small dashing motions to mimic hair then fill in the center using the same small strokes. Remember to use the right eyebrow brush.

  1. Use of eye-shadow

Before applying an eye-shadow, you first apply an eye-shadow primer so that your eye-shadow can stay on for much longer. The eye-shadow will fade away if this is not done.

Eye liner is used to provide the illusion of a fuller lash line. Therefore, choose a color that is similar to your natural hair color.

  1. Lastly finish with a mascara

To complete your eye make-up, you’ll need to top off your eyes with a bit of mascara. Avoid applying more than two coats of mascara, this usually takes away the natural darkening look and give a cakey thick look that is much less natural.

  1. Apply lipstick

Choose a lipstick of your choice to give an appealing look. You can use a lip liner that goes with the lipstick you have worn. The importance of using a lip liner is that it brings attractiveness to your lips and also makes your lipstick to stay for long all day especially with matte lipsticks.

  1. Use of a setting spray

Setting spray is always the last make-up. It is usually used to set your face. When spraying you should hold it 8-12 inches away from your face .Setting spray makes your make-up stay longer on all day.