What to Know About Taking Care of Your Hair (Braids)

Hair form an important part of a woman’s body and it’s not a surprise she’ll maximize her time on it. Even the fancy cloths cannot make up for “bad” hair. Many women leave salons’ doors with elegant hairdos, but because of negligence it is always short-lived. There are scores of techniques to employ in order to prevent your hairdo from unprecedented wear out. Below are some of the techniques:

  1. Cover your hair when going to sleep

This prevents the edges from frizzing or breaking. You should wear a satin/silk head cap. Sleeping in a satin bonnet has several importance such as: protecting your hair from breakage, tangles and thinning, preventing split ends, making your hair style last longer, and maintaining healthy and moisturize hair growth. If you are not comfortable sleeping in a satin bonnet, you can have a pillowcase made in satin/silk instead of cotton. Avoid cotton because it makes hair to dry.

  1. Always make sure your scalp is moist

You can do this by applying some hair food, like coconut oil or braid spray. You can equally sprinkle water as it prevents breakage. It is recommended to do this at least 2-3 times a week.

  1. Wash your braids

Many don’t agree because they believe that washing braids will reduce their lifespan. On the contrary, this helps remove dandruffs and even any bad smell brought about by sweating. In case you are not comfortable with this, you can take towel and put a small amount of shampoo, damp it in water and wipe your scalp and then apply moisturizer to keep your scalp moist.

  1. Repair your edges

Usually when your hair wears out, it’s always the edges that starts but the rest of the parts are always intact. In this situation, just go to your hair dresser to redo the edges and you will be good to go for another 2-3 weeks.

  1. Don’t overstay with your braids

Overstaying with braids weakens your hair hence leading to breakage.

PS: Always tie your braids to your desired style. Leaving them loose weaken the stitches.