What men/women should look for in a marriage partner

Marriage is defined as a serious commitment intended to last a lifetime between two people. For instance if you are dating with marriage in mind, it is usually important to look for qualities that would make someone a good life partner though it usually have issues ,both good and bad hence needs understanding and problem solving.

When looking or choosing for a life partner there are certain characteristics or traits that one should look especially for a long-term relationship according to Marni Feuerman a researcher, that may include ;
2. Independent
3. Self confident.

Basically choosing a life partner could have a positive impact or negative impact on your life especially on your well-being.

This is a feature one should check on personal career goals who understands everything in your marriage will always be about them as a couple. As a supportive partner one should always be there to encourage one another pursue their dreams ,comfort each other while upset and always let you know what they’re thinking .
As a feature one should always let you know that they’re always proud of you and always be there to help and always want to know how they feel and excited about you however it’s always important that you have the same goals and have compliments that match each other’ for this case they certainly don’t need to be the same or they should not be so divergent or has to cause a rift between you two.

2 Independent
Independence as a trait, usually ensures that each partner is capable of taking care of each other however they should also be able to give and ask for support when it’s needed.
From research people who are able to take care of themselves are always in a better position to give care support and attention when needed.
Independent people are not usually clingy and demanding however they tend to be happy and occupied compared to people who requires constant attention and reassurance in order to be happy, instead we are confident strong and not even afraid to be alone.
An independent person has the following features;
Able to say no.
Able to plan the future.
Aware of what makes them happy.
They are capable of being alone even in tough times and value themselves.

3.Self confident
We all need a person who stands up for themselves and will never let anyone bully them or act as though their opinions doesn’t matter
A self-confident person or self-confidence in a person is considered whether a person is standing up to you a family member, a friend ,or a partner I will not let people treat them badly. For instance if they let poor treatment from others eventually he may lose respect for them and are always ready to defend others or their partners

However a self-confident person.
A self-confident person makes decisions wisely.
Keeps working even when faced with big obstacles.
Support and even celebrate other success
A self confident person can be easily be intimidated by their partners success and knows their strengths.

Citing from Forbes Staff, on the traits men look for in women,
Two Sociologists Christine B. Whelan at the University of Pittsburgh and Christie F. Boxer at the University of Iowa, gives answer to a question what traits men look for in looking for a marriage partner.
They both analyzed the results of a 2008 survey asking men to rank the top attractive qualities of a potential spouse. They then compared those results to women’s answers and to similar surveys conducted throughout the 1900s and however a lot has changed in just a few decades.

The traits includes;
3.Education and intelligence
4.Ambition and industriousness

As a trait women looks have become increasingly important to men over the current years and decades. The street has jumped up to 7 spot since 1956 from number 15 becoming the top 10 list in the current lifetime. Perhaps because of the current marriage trends they’re more likely based on beauty and attraction rather than practicalities such as wealth and live status as physical attractiveness has become more desirable.

As a trait both men and women have ranked social ability as number 6 in the current list of preferences in finding their mates.
This has this has been steadily moving up to around number 12 in the early 1939 because today’s married couples are more likely to be friends and usually have more mutual circles compared to the past and hence this makes sense and have become a very attractive characteristics.

3.Education and intelligence.
In the current world women’s education and intelligence have become more attractive to men even before as this feature has been climbing the ranks of man’s desire for current decade ever since 1939 especially the fact that women have been receiving at least 60% of college degrees and universities and have become part of the workforce. However men are looking for women who are both intelligent and highly educated in other words men look for women with more accomplished and interesting beauty with brains.

4.Ambition and Industriousness
Despite the pervasive stereotype that men usually get intimidated by ambitious women however men currently have ranked this straight ahead of others like refinement and having looking at similar religious backgrounds.
In the current decades t is so clear that men will always look for women who are hard-working and to some extent some look for women who drive and highly determined with attractive energy as their life partners.