Wear Your Crowns Young Mothers, Regardless!

By Linda Agosa

About 30% of reported pregnancies every year are amongst teenagers or generally young mothers with absolutely no clue of how to handle this new journey

The news can be both scary and traumatizing to them; some do not know how their parents or boyfriends would react. This makes their current status heavy load leave.

On the upside, you might find that parenting comes to you quite naturally as a teenage parent. You might be better than older parents at getting used to the changes that children bring, as well as dealing with little or no sleep. And you’ll probably have lots of energy to keep up with busy children

On the downside, you might feel that there’s a lot going on in the rest of your life and you’re struggling to give your child enough attention. Or you might worry about balancing work and family life, finding a job, finding affordable child care, or keeping in contact with your friends.

Some of these worries are normal for all parents, not just teenagers

Teenage parents do face special challenges as well. For example, there might be the challenge of finishing school while looking after a baby. You might also feel that people judge you for being a teenage parent.

Here are a few tips for young parents;

  • Consider whether you can stay with your parents while your child is young. This might help you deal with the pressures of caring for your child or coping financially.
  • To learn about creating the best home environment for your child get experts who can also help you learn about topics like nutrition, health and etc.
  • Having someone to talk to – like your partner, a family member or a trusted friend – can help you handle the ups and downs of life as a young parent.
  • There also might be local centers that support young parents therefore be a member.

Don’t forget to share your experience on young motherhood and also how you’re coping with this new journey.