By Lyn Achieng’

“When you’re running an office, the most valuable asset is the people working in it. Your employees are the main factor your business and its subsequent earnings, “said Mia Middleditch.

Here are some ways that people can improve their health at the office;

  1. Planning a balanced diet at the office.

Encouraging healthy eating in the office by making decisions about what to eat, considering the nutrition content of foods.

There are many ways of meeting your nutritional needs, no matter what your preferences are with little imagination, you can have a variety of well-balanced meals and snacks.

              2. Have a water available at the office.

Drinking water has a wider range of benefit. Nevertheless, water is essential for all life processes, including energy production. Thus, water helps to regulate body temperature.

Every day, each and everyone needs at least 8cups(2litres) of water. And when the body losses a lot of water, you need to be careful to increase your water intake to prevent dehydration.

In addition, having water available at the office can help in many ways. Mostly the employee to be more active and performing duties effectively.

                  3. keeping hygiene clean.

All living things depends on the environment and people realize how important the environment is. At the office, employees tend to move from one desk to another with the obvious risk of germs and bacteria. By providing a disinfectant at the office, you can help improve the health of one another.