As the definition goes  a house is a place of rest or repose. Usually  when your friends / family come to visit you am sure the first thing you do  is to make sure your  house look  cozy   and spectacular. compliments such as ‘ ‘ wow  your house looks nice’’, ‘’ where did you get  your  furniture. …..’’they  do put a smile on  our faces and  while  answering back you will have a lot of confidence because you will know you haven’t fail at all on ensuring your living room  looks like a paradise.

Things to consider;


Your furniture should  be the very first thing to consider since  you couldn’t allow your visitors to sit on the floor. On   choosing the right furniture be  it your living room or bedroom go  for the  material and texture .the material/ fabric should  be durable, easy to wash and comfortable. On the fabric  we have leather and velvet  the taste is always  yours .Then  another important thing to consider is the design. If your living room is small go for a  design  that  doesn’t occupy a lot of  space,  and  vise  versa. I  think we should try  this tradition where we will have  a lot of seats and of one color. It’s not a must that to have a lot of seat you can go for 5 seater and the rest of the space you can decorate using buffs and  throw pillows and  sure  you will love that look in your living room .something to note. You don’t have to  put  so many  seats of the same color in your living room, try minimize the number plus  play along with the colors.

  • I ‘m sure most  of us love carpets ,apart from adding beauty also it feels good when you stepping on something soft/fluffy .when you  are living in a place that is cold I would recommend   you put a carpet as it brings at least some warmth .If your  seats are of  dark colors  go for bright- colored carpets and vise versa.


  • Curtains.

 This  is also a  tricky part to most of the people in Choosing the right curtain. we can agree  curtains add  beauty in our houses. Some of the things  to put in  mind when choosing a suitable curtain.

  1. Lighting and privacy.

If your house has a lot of light going through,  and maybe you want some privacy then you can go for heavier  fabric. Put  light sheer then a heavier one and try mix the colors to bring some beauty.


You   don’t have to go through the stress  of filling or arranging so many sheers on your window.

  1. The height of your curtains also matters. For your curtains to look presentable when draped, they should slightly tough the floor and also they should be high almost to the
  2. Check for the material, you can go for heavier fabric like sued and velvet ,and light weight like cotton.
  3. Style; pull in a hue from your color pallet with solid or patterned window treatment.
  • Throw pillows.

I   love throw pillows cause they add more beauty into your living room or bedroom, especially when well fitted .When placing pillows on your seat   consider the color, size and shape, fabric, prints, number. The good thing with throw pillows they   can even be placed on the floor and still look good   .Throw   pillows come in different shapes like; knot pillows, bolster pillows/sausage, oval , and square……..When it comes to fabric  designers have  tried a lot  the ones I can’t get  enough of   are Ankara and customized ones, At least try them out.  Always on the prints, one small print, one big print and one solid print should go hand in hand .As you move towards  the inside of the sofa, the pillows should get smaller ,at least  leave a space where people can sit comfortably.

Arrangement is also important, symmetrical arrangement looks orderly and polished.

  • Wallpapers also add some attractiveness in the house ,choose the one that is removable  and easy to clean  incase you are renting .