Values that Make True Love

True love is a rarity because it takes time to develop. True love is forever rewarding and that makes it beautiful. It is available to everyone; you just need to practice values it requires to exist. Here are values that true love requires:


Honesty builds trust. When you trust willingly, you are giving true love a chance to flourish. It starts with being honest with your feelings. Keep it real about your past because love accepts unconditionally. Forget about “what you don’t know won’t hurt” cliché because the truth has a way of expressing itself no matter how long you hide it. It is a disservice to true love when you are dishonest with your partner.


Keep love alive and exciting. Affection is therefore a necessity as it develops intimate relationship. When we grow into relationship the mystery begins to dry up. We no longer feel the intense hunger for the one we love. This weakens the bond of true love. You must satisfy the part of true love that craves for physical affection. Engaging in simple acts of affection will bring you much closer. Call your partner at 2am to show how you feel, text good morning because your partner is the first thing on your mind.


Always be there for your partner in good and in bad alike. Share activities that light both of you up because without companionship marriage is a mirage. Companionship is a key determinant factor of true love, so cherish spending time doing almost everything together. Keep your partner motivated in their goals to become better. Love is a verb, to attain true love you must practice it on the daily.


Maintaining respect for one another is the way to true love. Couple doesn’t mean a unit so stop acting like you are an extension of your partner. Neither of you is a parent nor a child of the other. Respect your partner as an autonomous individual. Don’t attack or bully your partner while communicating, use kind words that uplift your partner


Openness ensures closeness. Don’t reject criticism, suggestions, or new experiences from your partner because rejection shuts down communication. You are giving love a chance to develop when you remain open. Always be willing to make changes whenever necessary. But when you don’t agree with the suggestion, it is important to just listen because it makes them feel cared about. Open up about how you feel in case you are upset with your partner. Forgiving quickly and apologizing quickly is vital in attaining true love and you can only forgive by expressing how you feel.

Master the foregoing values, and you will master true love. True love is a journey through mountains and valleys; it is strengthened through life’s challenges. You deserve true love because you are worth it.