Valentine’s for Single People

Are you single? Are you blissfully single? Or have you put your life on hold until you are in that “magical” relationship? Around Valentine’s Day, many single people feel left out and inadequate due to the fervent commercialization around them. It is almost as if you are incomplete or there is something wrong with you. The pressure of going out with someone special and celebrate is immense and I am sure most couples go out just for the sake of it!

So, if you are single, how about doing something special just for yourself on that day and then do the same everyday of your life? Here are some tips for creating a truly happy life as a single person and to prepare yourself for a future happy relationship;

  1. Be passionate about your life

When you become the image of your own imagination, it is the most powerful thing you can ever do. You don’t necessarily have to have a significant other to be powerful in your own right, but what eventually attracts the right person is you recognizing your own power. The love you receive is a direct correlation to the love you have for yourself. Take some time to exercise self-love. Say a couple of affirmations to yourself like ” I love every part of myself including my imperfections, which make me who I am and uniquely lovable.

               2. Build a community

Socialize and have fun. Join clubs around your favorite topics and volunteer your time and energy. Reach out to people already in your life and strengthen your communal ties. You’ll be creating a varied rich life and you will have people in your life who care about you and your life, meeting many of your needs.

                    3. Treat yourself

This is very simple and doesn’t have to be expensive. As simple as a ten minutes’ walk, a drink at the local coffee shop, a body lotion that smells good, a tub of chocolate ice cream to have in the bath and so on. Such treats are not just meant for couples. Create a life that is full of such delicious moments and your whole outlook will improve.

                  4. Put the past in the past

Be complete with past relationships and dump any baggage. Stop hanging on to unhappy moments from the past as a reminder to prevent the same thing from happening again in the future. Let go of hurts and resentments towards anyone. Forgive that ex-partner who was mean to you.

                   5. Netflix and chill with your favorite blanket

Find some movies that make you laugh and make you appreciate love. Love comes in so many forms; a classic romantic comedy, those that will actually make you smile, laugh and cry (in a good way) but if science fiction genre is your thing, that’s cool as well. After all, this is your V-Day too!

             6. Appreciate and have value in your life

Being single gives you true freedom and independence to do just what you desire with your time and resources and you can choose who to do it with. Always remember you can choose to be happy with or without a partner and what matters all year around and not just Valentine’s Day is LOVE.