Untapped opportunities in beauty industry

Smashing misconception. Many business dailies have reviewed beauty industry with a perception of glut, portraying zero opportunities available in it!  The present market size of beauty industry in Kenya alone is about USD 230Million according to statistics shared by the big players in the industry.  The estimated worth alone provides for everyone involved in it. from the international players to local small scale manufacturers.

There has been an impression that the market is flooded with many traders, manufacturers and suppliers doing the same products. Despite the highlight, there are still gaps that remain unattended to both in service and products ,especially, if an entrepreneur looks beyond usual supplies and retail business:

  1. Baby only salons and barber shop

Most babies are never fascinated about their shaving trips because of the adult environment created by the barbers. Most parents prefer taking kids to Barbershops and salon in order to take care of them in case they become uncontrollable.

If there would be an interesting Kids only salon and barber with cartoon themed interior, a chair that that suits a child: probably with a small play wheels around it and a gated zone where kids are not exposed to possible harm, most parents would have an easy salon day for their young girls as well as shave day for their boys. Affluent neighborhoods are the most ideal location for the idea

  1. Baby care products

The most renown baby care product are body lotions and jelly. This has continued despite the growing demand for kid models wearing makeup: ranging from eyeshadows, lipstics and even hair. The market is more attentive to women and not Children who are still a focus to women.

There are no complete make up kit for children Models, Most of them are exposed to “good for adult skin” beauty products which may be harsh on their skin. The kind of parents who believe in making their children look the part will be willing to spend on premium items provided they are assured of the products safety

  1. Hair and body products product for men

Over two-thirds of beauty industry is made up of hair and body care products. The market though has been responding to the needs of women more than  men despite rising beauty consciousness among men. here are products men are looking for but are not readily available: Beard extension wigs, make up kit (only for men).

Other visibly missing products are  body lotions and hair creams for afro-centric conscious users. There is need to respond to the growing need for natural products which are n demand due to fear of “carcinogenic” components in readily available hair and body products.


4.      Raw materials manufacture

Despite consistency in types of raw materials used Cosmetics manufacturing,   Kenyan manufacturers  are still disadvantaged by the need to import almost the entire assortment of raw materials they require. Some include, preservatives, plant extracts, colorants and fragrance. One reason is because there are not enough people with expertise in their production. Despite the growing need that has been brought about by learning platforms such as YouTube, small scale manufacturers face a lot of problems in procuring these chemicals because of prohibitive Minimum Order Quantities  put forward by the few importers in the business.

  1. Packaging and labeling

Upcoming manufacturers of beauty products locally find it difficult to package and brand their products. For example: the African black soap that has over a period gained popularity among natural products users has never been packaged properly. Some packaging companies have come up with solutions but still there’s a gap to be filled in terms of affordably and availability of the packaging materials in the desired shape and quantities for the small buyers.

It is important to note that some of the products and services that have been highlighted as opportunities has been responded to though in  small ways that the services do not reach interested parties in other parts of Kenya. one is therefore encouraged to check through a location before setting up, especially the service related.