Travelling can be a whole hectic affair but who said it always has to be boring? You can always look effortlessly stylish and fashionable while still being comfortable while travelling by land, air or sea. When travelling, unless you are not planning to spend the night or nights far from home, packing can be such a hustle. You obviously may want to pack most of your clothes if not all since they look good. However, you may need to travel light. Instead of carrying your whole closet, a travel capsule wardrobe is the key to light travel. A travel capsule wardrobe simply has clothing that works in a variety of situations and the best thing about it is that everything will fit into a carry on! You won’t have to check in your luggage at all. For example; you can carry 10 pieces of clothing which will create up to 15 looks.

Here are a few trendy travel wear ideas;

Travelling abroad – airplane comfort

The temperatures in a plane vary. It can get too cold or too stuffy and hot. You will definitely need clothing that is comfortable and that is absorbent in case you sweat.

Outfit 1

Comfy leggings, a cotton t-shirt, long sleeved cardigan, socks and comfortable zipper ankle boots.

Outfit 2

Comfy sweats (pants and shirt/ hoodie), cotton vest or t-shirt, socks and rubber shoes.

Trip across the country via plane, bus or train. Also, road trip friendly.

Depending on the means of travel you chose, your trip can be long or short.

Outfit 3

Distressed girlfriend jeans, a cotton t-shirt, a cardigan or a beautiful long kimono, accessorized with cute dangling earrings and sunglasses as well as comfortable flat shoes or sneakers.

Outfit 4

Beautiful flared dress can be floral, stripped or a solid colour paired with flat sandals, a hat and stud earrings. You may need to add a flannel scarf in case it gets cold.

Outfit 5

Kitenge or denim shorts, a black or white sleeveless body suit and kimono matching your kitenge shorts. Add on cute and comfortable flat shoes.


All the above outfits can be put together with a black tote bag, subtle make up and jewellery. Don’t overpower the outfits and don’t add on too much to make you uncomfortable.