Toxic People to Avoid in Life

By Rose Aboka

Deciding to avoid someone in life may not be an easy thing to do. However, it is the best thing to do since staying close to a certain group of people may damage our lives. Here are the types of people to avoid to -at least -stay safe.

  1. Gossips

These people are pretenders.  They will always criticize.  They tell stuff about other people to you.  Obviously when you’ll be out of their sight, it’ll be your turn to be judged.

  1. Excuse makers

These people manipulate you. They are always making excuses. They are always late. They want you to be caught up in their excuses.

  1. Jealous

These people are haters. These people don’t appreciate someone’s effort. They always feel jinx whenever they see someone prosper. They give negative opinions. Inside they love what you do but won’t be able to express it. They can’t believe it is you and not them. Stay away.

  1. Money grabbers

These people are always asking for things and favors. Well, asking is not bad for at some point we may surely need help.  But, there are these people who overdo.  They are the people who don’t work hard because they are used to asking all they time. Sometimes they ask what they even don’t need.

  1. Oversensitive People

These people got problems. We all may be problematic but these people have real problems. They are too emotional. They are picky in not a good way. These people react too much and they always feel like they are being attacked by people or things around them. These people have no part in your life.

All these people are time wasters. Every minute spent with them is time wasted. They are unaware of time. However, some people in our lives may be difficult to avoid. In that situation, you’ve got to be wise to handle.