Being a parent in this century can be both fun and challenging at the same time. As a parent you try so hard to be a good one to your child. Today we will be focusing on challenges facing modern parents and how to bring up children in the current digitally advanced society

1. It becomes extremely overwhelming when your child goes to school and demands for something a friend has. It becomes even more difficult for you to explain your financial situation to them. Our children want to fit in a group or have what their peers have. One thing to do as a parent is to allow your children to know you better, that way the will not ask for things that you can’t afford. Let them know when you are broke and when you have money so that you won’t have to endure all the pressure around.

2. Technology on the other hand has exposed our children to so much content both negative and positive. Kids get access to so much material that sometimes is very harmful to them. You may not be able to control this because some kids own phones, others use computers in schools and even televisions at home. As a parent make sure you control what they see at home first. Parental guidance is very key when watching movies with children. Talk to the teachers handling your kids to be extra careful when they leave computers with kids. I once saw a parent restricting data at her house and I honestly understood their situation. Do that if you can.

3. Be as open as possible with your kids. That way they will be confiding in you in case of anything. I have seen children covering up mistakes because their parents are harsh. Encourage open talks with them, this helps you know what they are going through in life. There are kids who even don’t tell their parents about their first periods because their parents do not encourage such talks. Open conversations allow your kids to tell you anything they are going through, both good and bad.

In a nutshell, being a parent, as they say, is the most rewarding job on earth, therefore try as much as possible to be a present today’s parent in your child’s life