By Lyn Achieng’

If you use tobacco, take a minute to think about the factors that influenced you to start. Like many tobacco users, it may be difficult for you to point out the reason why you started. You may be surprised to learn that some of the reasons why you started are the same reasons why non-smokers decided to keep off.

Tobacco users increase their chances of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, lung cancer and other forms of cancer each time they use tobacco. The strongest factors that influence tobacco users to start are usually social pressures, media and friends.

Despite the dangers of tobacco use, many people believe “low tar ” and “low nicotine” cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. Myths can be dangerous when they lead people to behaviors that are harmful. Understanding that myths about tobacco are untrue can help to prevent nonusers from tobacco. It can also help a tobacco user give up his or her tobacco addiction.

In addition, quitting tobacco use also results in psychological benefits. People who have quit usually feel increased confidence in themselves.