Having thick and voluminous hair is something every woman has always wanted that’s why we going for different hair products to achieve the thickening. Thick hair refers to the density of hair and the number of hair follicles. Having thin hair can be a result of aging, poor diet, medical conditions, chemicals and genetic factors.

Here are some of the things to do in order to achieve thick hair;

  1. Sprays

There are hair sprays that increase the volume of the hair they also prevent humidity and your hair freeze free look for sprays with ingredients like vitamin E, polymers and panthenol.

  1. For oil, go for castor oil because it is rich in Vitamin E that helps the hair to be healthy though castor oil is usually thick most people get it stressful, olive oil is rich in omega 3 acids, I has a moisturizing effect on your hair making them look smooth and shiny.
  2. Choose your shampoos and conditioners right. Go for shampoos that have polymers to coat hair fibres and lift them away, surfactants to cleanse without leaving a residue.
  3. Go for natural products e. g A) Egg mask. Though eggs can be nasty especially the smell, eggs are rich in protein therefore beat at least 2 eggs, apply on the scalp and damp hair, leave it for 3 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. B) Banana masks. Banana contains minerals that help in synthesis collagen hence making your hair healthy and thicker. C) Aloe Vera.  cut aloe Vera and use the gel on your scalp. Let it sit on your hair for 30minutes you can combine with coconut oil. D) Avocado. Rich in vitamin E, orange pure which has vitamin C that may improve natural luster which makes the hair appear thicker.
  4. Your hair is what you eat, good food makes your hair grow hence having that thickening effect. Foods such as walnut, almond, yoghurt, beans vegetables fish and eggs help in thickening of hair. Supplements such as iron, zinc, vitaminB5 and B12 also work well.
  5. Regular visit to the salon. With regular visit to the salon, you’ll notice visibly thicker hair because it helps improve blood circulation and unclog the pores in your scalp to make absorption of nutrients better. Also condition hair and banana oil products on your scalp. This therapy can be done at home like whisking your hair with the right products, moisturizing your scalp regularly to avoid the scalp from drying which can lead to breakage.
  6. Ditch hot tools; If you want healthier hair, then keep away from hot tools e.g hair dryer or flat iron cause to much heat causes breakage. Instead you can  use hot tool  brands that regulates heat .


Something to note;  Avoid HOT WATER as it can irritate your scalp. Lukewarm water helps open up the hair cuticles improving the penetration of your shampoo.