We all love gel manicure since they are always flawless, tough and long lasting. We can agree that gel manicure cost a fortune and therefore it’s always disappointing when they start to peel off after one week from the time of polish. There are some tips you can practice in order for your gel manicure to last for longer.

  1. Always make sure that whoever is doing the manicure push back your cuticle or remove them. When left without being removed it can make your polish lift off fast.
  2. Always wear gloves when doing chores like washing, utensils, gardening or any rough jobs. This helps to prevent harsh chemicals or rough jobs from destroying your manicure.
  3. Avoid hot water as much as possible. Hot water tends to seep into your nails plates hence making the polish to peel and lift off.
  4. Avoid lifting things with your nails. Be gentle to your nails, pulling and picking things with our nails make them weak hence lifting off.
  5. As the time goes by, your nails grow leaving the nail bed base blank. To make them look fresh, apply contrasting polish as the one you applied before.
  6. Your nails tend to grow long and one thing you should know is that when they are too long their durability is limited and therefore to reduce the size you can file them. You can also file them to get rid of rough edges after which, apply fresh layer of top coat and they will look new again.
  7. Apply cuticle oil every single day. In this case, avoid hand sanitizers as they leave your hands dry and so is your nail bed and cuticles. It also strips your top coat. Instead, use soap and thereafter apply the cuticle oil as it helps to make your nails stay strong and moisturizer your hands.
  8. In case of lifting, make sure you don’t pick or pull at the nails. Get to your nail specialist to see how to go about it. Pulling it yourself can cause damage to your natural nails.
  9. Avoid any products that could contain solvent oils as they damage the color of your polish.


Try these simple tips and you will see you’ve accounted for the money used in making your nails.



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