Tips For Applying Perfume

“Let your perfume do the introduction.” Perfume can boost your confidence; also can help you get that one person you’ve always wanted. It reduces stress and increase your level of trust, so try every day to wear a good fragrance that stays long.

So, how do you make your perfume scent stay for long?

  1. Take a shower. A fragrance should be applied on a clean/ fresh body. Also, perfume should not be applied on a dry body; moisturize your body with Vaseline or any unscented lotion, this is because perfume stays longer in a moisturized body.
  2. Where do you store your perfume? The environment where you store your perfume matters a lot. Store your perfume at room temperature. DO NOT expose your perfume to hot temperatures that will make it evaporate. Make sure it’s always covered.
  3. Don’t rub, just spritz or dab. Rubbing the perfume in your hands crushes the scent. So just spray to avoiding the scent from fading away.
  4. Consider the following pulse areas/joint if you want your perfume to stay all day. They include; your wrist, inside elbows, around your neck, behind the knees and the ears.
  5. Spray it on your clothes because clothing fibers are able to hold in scents for a very long time.
  6. Spray your perfume direct to your body 5-7inches.
  7. Familiarize yourself with fragrance terms. Choose a fragrance that compliment you. You can always mix your perfumes especially the strong and soft scent.

You can always redo your perfume in the course of the day if you feel the scent is fading. Spray cotton swabs with your perfume and hide them in your handbag for quick touch throughout the day, it’s easier to carry the cotton swabs than the whole perfume.