Many people always have the wrong idea in mind that under wears should just be worn without following any rules or criteria and however this could be very discouraging indeed. Both men and women should know certain things before wearing their under wears to ensure that our bodies are in good state at any given time.

Here are three basic things  that you should do before wearing your under wears:

1.Before putting on your clean under wears one should ensure that you have wiped yourself thoroughly  and clean  in order to avoid getting yourself moist especially on the areas around your private parts.

From research, moisture is not so friendly to the human body since when it accumulate  under certain conditions may lead to high body temperatures resulting into bad smell or odors and sometimes may road to one contracting urinary track infections (UtIs) which have become more rampant to females especially in the current times hence making one uncomfortable and even males

Therefore one should properly wipe himself or herself dry to avoid moisture accumulation before putting on their under wears.

2.Secondly before making an attempt of  wearing your underwear, ensure that you apply  petroleum jelly or  body lotion to your body for smooth body skin to be enhanced,  these helps in skin maintenance and appearance.

Applying jelly in areas around your private parts ensures that one do not encounter any problems such as having a rough skin which may make one feel as if they haven’t had a nice or appropriate bath for a while hence it’s so essential to use cream or jelly as it makes one feel fresh.

  1. Additionally, one should ensure that they have some rest and relax a bit before finally wearing your under wears as this help in enhancing good aeration in the region(private parts) thus making your body very cool and relaxed. Many people always make a mistake of wearing it immediately without having time to relax and let the air circulation take effect and this could also lead to certain conditions such as bacteria accumulation in your private parts.