Tell-tale Signs of Road to Poverty

Road to riches is different from that of poverty. Most people indifferently travel the wrong way.

Young people spend their time in draining activities rather than reading, building new skill sets, building healthy habits, and investing in self. If ever there was a time to plant a tree, it’s now. Yet most of us don’t do that.

Here are the signs that you are wasting your productive stage.

Wasting time in bed upon waking

A new day is an opportunity to get close to your wildest dreams. Stop wasting your precious opportunity lounging around on your phone upon waking up. Cheer yourself up in the morning because the day ahead is of hard yet meaningful life. Unless you don’t have a driving purpose, continue wasting time in bed.

Getting distracted by aimless activities

Spending time on social media, watching TV or movies, and playing video games et al. is not bad. However, it takes away from your life when you are overdoing it.

These activities can be an important part of decompressing when controlled. They should not obstruct you from making the most of your life. People with a purpose don’t spend too long doing these sorts of things because they are aware that every hour sucked away by aimless activities is another hour they will never get back. People with a purpose wouldn’t waste their time this way even if they could.

You don’t feel ready for bed at the end of each day

Why are you not feeling ready to sleep? The answer is obvious; you didn’t make the most of your day. People whose days are filled with purposeful activities feel tired at the end of the day. Whether it’s mental work or physical work, purposeful activity uses up all your energy and leaves you ready to go to bed each day.

Talking the walk

More energy should be put in walking the talk. People who spend most of their time daydreaming, planning, or thinking about the future than working are not making the most of their lives.

To make something out of life, you have to pick a goal for the future and then work hard to make that goal happen. Sitting and daydreaming about the future will not achieve success in life.

Unsolicited opinions affect you

When you are too busy getting things done, you will not have an ear for opinions. Successful people are too busy getting things done to worry what others think of them. They understand that opinion is the cheapest commodity; everyone has a flock of them ready to wish upon anyone. Worrying about other peoples’ opinions will only box you to please them. Find a definite purpose in life and remain true to it even when the world turns against you.

Don’t let your life slip by. Shun everything that drains your energy. For that’s the only way to be the master of your fate and captain of your soul.