Taking Personal Inventory!!

Taking personal inventory for the last quarter of the year to ensure that we finish strong.

Here are three thoughts to help you balance your books.

  1. Separate your assets from your liabilities.

Assets are people who see you not just as you are, but as you can become. Liabilities are people who either lead you in the wrong direction or kill the very thing that drives your purpose. Do the people you surround yourself with ignite your passion for your purpose or are they like fire extinguishers that put out your fire every time they come around? Do they inspire you to achieve greatness or do they put you down to a level beneath which you are called to be? Jim Rohn said; “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” You should never underestimate the power of influence. You begin to think & act like those you surround yourself with. Consider who you spend your time with as you take inventory for your life and separate your assets from your liabilities. If you find yourself in debt, ensure to increase your assets & reduce your liabilities to the bare minimum. It’s not too late to make the necessary changes.

  1. Prioritize your life.

You are either investing your time or spending it depending on what you choose to do with it. You can compute a cost benefit analysis on your tasks to ensure that your time is invested in your priorities and not wasted by default. In economics we learned what is called opportunity cost: a benefit, profit, or value of something that must be given up to acquire or achieve something else. Even though opportunity cost is an economic concept that is mostly applied to consumer decisions, it is a factor that also applies to time management & lifestyle choices. For instance, opting to watch television eliminates the opportunity of investing in reading a good book that can add value to your career. When you carry out a cost benefit analysis, you prioritize your tasks & invest your time in what is beneficial to you. Are the tasks you’re giving your time to helping you achieve a financial/academic/career/family goal? Are they adding value to who you are becoming? If not, then the opportunity cost is too high because you are simply wasting your time.  The Apostle Paul said: “Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.” Prioritize your life by investing in those things which are beneficial.

  1. Desire to win.

Is your desire to succeed as great as the need for the air you breathe? John Maxwell said; “What we accomplish in life is based less on what we want and more on how much we want it. You can’t help people become winners unless they want to win. Champions become champions from within, not from without.” In the end, it’s really up to you. Your desire to win will be reflected in the choices you make & the kind of lifestyle you lead. Even the desire for a man who wants a woman is reflected in how diligently he pursues her. How badly do you want what you say you want? Desire to win, and watch yourself begin to chase your dreams with unflinching determination. You will surely succeed in making them come true.