Hair care is overall term for hygiene and involves hair which grows from other body, human scalps. Mostly, we often spend money to get colored hair and then it fades before we get to enjoy it and there are a lot of tricks of taking care of it.

Here are some ways of taking care of colored hair;

1. Avoid hot showers.

Hot water decreases the life of your hair color. It’s better to shampoo and rinse with warm water, towel -dry, condition, then rinse with the cold water. That will provide a longer-lasting color of the hair.

2. Don’t overuse hot tools.

It’s best to stay away from hot tools the first week or after you color your hair is staying away from hot tools, this helps in preventing the color from fading. Hot tools such as blow dryers and straighteners fade the color quickly.

3. Wash your hair as long as possible.

While you use a dry shampoo can be good to colored hair because when you wash less, the color lasts longer. Also “it’s good to not wash your hair after color but at least you can go for 24 to 48hours,” Says Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstyle Mitch Stone.

In addition, having a hair care routine helps in growing your hair and keeping it healthy by preventing breakage, falling, and scalp dryness.