Take care of your lips

Lips are of great significance to both male and female. Well, I wouldn’t disagree with the argument that they are the gateway to every heart. This calls for great care to avoid chapping, splitting/cracking, cold sores and bleeding. There are many ways that will help ensure that you lips are in good shape, below are a few of the ways:

  1. Taking healthy diets

Some of these healthy diets include; omega 3 foods, honey because of its antibacterial properties, milk help to soften your lips, fruits help moisturize lips, almond oil help keep your lips soft.

  1. .Always scrub your lips

Scrubbing your lips helps to remove dead cells. This makes it soft and supple.  You can do this by using sugar or honey since they are natural scrubs.

  1. Remove your lipstick

Lipsticks are made of chemicals that can damage the lips. So remove them at the end of the day. Many people have always complained of their lips cracking or bleeding. To avoid all these, always use waxy lip liner which helps contain your lipstick within the line. In any case the problem persists consult the doctor to see how to help. When removing your lipsticks especially matte lipstick apply some petroleum jelly and wipe using a cloth or cotton.

  1. Keep your lips hydrated

You can hydrate by drinking enough of water. Also during the night while sleeping your lips can go dry because of the air around you, so before going to bed you should apply moisturizer especially during hot season.

  1. Massage your lips

This is important in maintaining a vibrant look. Massage your lips using almond oil or any other oil to improve blood circulation in your lips.

  1. Avoid licking your lips

Many of us do this especially when they feel that their lips are dry. Touching or licking your lips lead to cracking. Use lip balm or appropriate cream to make them moisturized and soft.