Another year, probably a new page to everyone who would wish to have it. How was 2019?? Did you meet your objectives? Has everything been as you wished? On a scale of 1-10, how can you rate 2019? I bet this is the hardest thing to do especially when none of the objectives came to pass. As the year begins, I am sure everyone wishes the year accommodates their efforts but again it gets back to you, what are you doing to get it done?

Personally, can’t say my resolutions were met. Damn it, the year was tough or rather I did very less to ensure everything worked out for me. To some extent, I felt no need of setting my new year resolutions, why should I? It felt useless having less than 40% of it accomplished. I even termed myself a FAILURE. As days went by, failing became part of me, waking early only to stare at my notebook and stretch a little bit across the streets and I can assure you it is the worst feeling ever.

Why don’t I find something to work on? Maybe after that, my long tiresome hustle of finding a job might end up being successful, probably my research will come to accomplishment; maybe my business will pick up. Visions of a happy and successful future flows in our minds, smiles fill our faces, best feeling I suppose. But that’s all, the vision is not the reality. You loose!

Something ought to be done, something different!

You aren’t alone in your thoughts. We always yearn for success but do the exact opposite to find it. What we always forget is that life is just like our bodies, it will only give us who we are. Think of having an honest self-surgery with the person in the mirror, you. Identify your good part and feed it while you starve the worst part of you.

Think of all you had planned to do and evaluate it sincerely. It’s okay to fail, but don’t go back to where you failed, find where you slipped and clean it up. Am sure regrets of failure will fill your mind, but remember you can never undo what has happened already but can change what happens next. So focus.

Identify where you want to be and check if you have a clear vision of the place. remember as we grow, our priorities change and as this happens, you will find a lot of obstacles especially in terms of friends. This is where we call for sieving of friends. I know it’s easy to cut off individuals who push you to identify your capabilities yet very hard to let go those who tell you what you want to hear always, make a choice!

Accept your failure, own your flaws, it’s never easy in accepting your past imperfections but trust me this way you will be ready to work on improving yourself.  Find all positive strengths in your negative flaws.

Just a quick one, are you ready for success?? You have been postponing your meeting with the company’s manager for a while now, you have no time for business conferences, you just dropped out of your training classes but still you are looking for success. Don’t let success diffuse through your mind while you look for the appropriate day and place. Do what you are capable of doing today.

It is all in the mind. The way to success is to declutter your mind. Training it and your tongue to claim success. It sounds easy but trust me, it requires confidence and perseverance, don’t forget hard work.

The best in 2020.