Stivo’s Celebrity Life

By Rose Aboka

Accidental celebrities. I have heard the term ‘accidental celebrities’ quite a number of time, of course I don’t believe in such term but this article is not to debunk it. Fame bring with it many changes. In many cases people who get famous or rise up tend to change things in their lives.  It could be their body complexion, their houses, some will want to eat better, travel and so on and so forth.

Stivo Simple Boy is one such celebrities who is undergoing life transformation brought about by fame. But one thing remains the same in his life. VIRGINITY. Did you know that Stivo is a Virgin? In an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Stivo revealed that he is indeed virgin.  He mentioned that ladies have been contacting him in social media but he hasn’t decided to settle in a relationship with any.  However, Simple boy revealed that his all-time crush has always been Wema Sepetu. Besides all that, Stivo is trying to improve his look. He now has braces and am sure by the time he meets Sepetu, he will be MAN STIVO. lol.

Simple boy also mentioned that if he got a chance to school, he will gladly go back for he wishes to be a “mtangazaji”. Dreams are valid.  All the best simple boy.