Crochet method is a way of adding extensions to your hair .Crochet was a thing of the past but slowly it has gain popularity today as one of the protective hairstyles and one that copy the natural hair look, .even though its gaining popularity not most people know how to go about it but I can say is something you can do at home with going to a salonist. In doing crocheting all

you need is a crochet needle, as no sewing is required.



  1. Cornrow all your hair to the back; to feel less pain while doing the crochet, try make the lines less tight to allow the hook penetrate without causing the pain.


  1. Add the crochet hair bit by bit into the lines you had already made with latch closed.


  1. Once through the braid open the latch and place some of your extension hair on the hook and close the latch.


  1. Then pull the needle and hair under the cornrows until the loop is formed.


  1. Open the latch on the crochet hook and put it down.


  1. Get through the loop of the hair on one side of the braiding hair on the other side.


  1. Twist the loop with your fingers and put the tails through the loop again, then pull to tighten and secure the hair.


  1. Repeat the whole process until you cover your whole head.



Crochet hair can last  for 4 to 8 weeks before frizzing and therefore maintenance is very important always moisturize your scalp, condition  always. I hope this steps helps you do a crochet on your own.