Social Media and Plus-size Women

Society is confining us to the mentality that being skinny is way much better than having those curves from head to toe, without realizing the beauty that lies in and even outside. I have come across women who are devalued in relationships and even marriages because of their sizes and what they wear

Most of the time plus size women are told to cover up, not because they look bad in revealing clothing but because of people’s personal lack of comfort. Now thanks to social media, plus size woman are able to emulate their fellows.

Social media can be a tool of empowerment; studies have shown that it can actually improve self-esteem.

Social media has given plus size women the platform they needed to carve out a place for themselves in the beauty industry, most of the social media influencers are plus size women dominating fashion and attracting millions of followers.

Seeing plus size women of all sizes and shapes expressing their individuality, sensuality, and personality on social media is changing the way that culture views female beauty and changing the way plus size women view themselves as well.

There’s always the other side of a coin, and as much as social media has empowered plus size women, some are being body shamed and made to feel less worth especially when they post photos of their spouses. A perfect example is Lynda Nyangweso a radio presenter who posted a photo wearing a swimming costume and was made fun of, others even questioning what her husband saw in her.

It’s high time plus size women accept themselves for who they are and even post photos to show off how beautiful being plus size can be. It’s only that way that people around them will also learn to fully accept them.

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