Meet Mr. Mosoti Osano a 65-year-old small scale farmer and a father of four children, hails from Nyamage village in Kisii County was the first to embrace biogas production as a source of energy for environmental conversation among other reasons such us financial generation.

Mr. Osano started as a horticultural farmer in 1996, where he grew crops such as carrots, bananas, and tomatoes and in 2000 ventured into cattle farming which was of great importance through Smallholder, Dairy Commercialization Program (SCDP).

“I had six cows, freshman breeds which produced many liters of milk and earned money from milk selling at the same time the cows generated too much waste which I had to look for a solution to dispose of it without polluting the environment. I decided to seek professional advice from the Ministry of Livestock, Kisii County, “says Mosoti.

“They advised me on biogas production as it was eco-friendly and how to go about it. The organization called me a week later and gave me financial support of at least 30% for the project (for pipes and labor) that cost me seventy thousand Kenyan shillings and the rest were from milk sales, “Osano added.

The construction consists of a collection box that is next to the cowshed for easy collection of manure. It is directly connected to the inlet tank where manure and water are mixed and stirred in the ratio of 1:1 to form a paste.

The paste goes out through an outlet pipe which is placed at 60 degrees across the digester. in addition, there is a water tank at the center of the digester which helps in detecting gas leakage through the presence of bubbles.

According to Mr. Mosoti biogas, it does not pollute the environment, cheaper and lasts longer compared to liquefied petroleum gas. Some of the ways in which he uses this product include; cooking, lighting, and repair of electronics.

Biogas helps conserve the environment by reduction of the emission of methane in the atmosphere by converting methane to carbon dioxide which is more environmentally friendly. In addition, it helps in reducing the reliance of non-renewable sources of energy such as coal and oil which are not environmentally friendly. It is also relatively cheap as the materials used are readily available.

“This biogas project has greatly benefitted our community by helping us access gas relatively at a cheaper price compared to the liquefied petroleum gas. Before Mr. Mosoti came up with the project we used to rely on firewood and charcoal which was difficult to access”. Says Mr. William Atambo a neighbor.

According to Mr. Mosoti, biogas generated more income than milk.

At the cost of around seventy thousand Kenyan shillings, small scale farmers can install a biogas digester to help embrace and provide solutions to environmental issues at the same time benefit from the project.

speaking to Mr. Ronald Omariba, Livestock Officer Kisii County he said that Mr. Osano is an ” eye-opener” to the Kisii Society as a whole, he was the first person to install a biogas digester in his home and through his continued efforts they sponsored giving financial support for the establishment of the biogas production.


“Mr. Mosoti served as an inspiration to other small scale farmers in the region, however many have now been able to install biogas digester in their homes for many purposes”, says Mr. Omariba.