Sin of My Parents

The story of "Ann" (not her real name) is a unique one, unlike other kids who grow up well.

The topic of any intimate relationship with a family member is a taboo in our African community. And in this case, the situation got out of hand. Despite going through rejection and lots of friends, she has her mantle on.

I met Ann in Bumula, Bungoma County. She’s accommodative and ready to tell her story despite living with disability.

“It is never easy in a society that forbids and condemns incest. I am always seen as a bad omen in my village. My friends walked away after knowing about my unique birth.”

Anne’s parents were step siblings, from one father, who fell in love. Many communities do not stand this kind of act and it’s never talked about and so they were banished.

It is very unfortunate that a fourteen year old girl has to pay for the sins of her parents. Despite her situation, she’s a strong teenager whose aspiration of being a doctor can never be put out.

“I want to use this God given opportunity to inspire and change lives. I am also passionate about saving lives, and despite sitting on this wheelchair I believe that through grace I will move mountains” she says boldly. She is a powerhouse and nothing can bring her down.

I talked to her grandparents who fully accepted to raise her despite the society’s belief that a child born of incest should be killed or given away to another community.

“We’ve lost respect from our fellows, some don’t even interact with us because we made the decision to raise Ann,” her grandmother shares.

One thing that stood out in that family is how they have fully embraced each other and their love for Ann. You can tell that Ann is indeed a blessing to them.

Ann is an amazing child who has risen above all.

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