Signs of Serious Health Problems Females Often Ignore


It’s always very important to know that prevention is better than cure. There are many vital and alarming body problems women should not ignore as they may need medical and could be an indicator of a more serious health condition or might lead to serious complications.
The following warning signs may require immediate medical attention.
Lower back pains
This is usually common during women’s monthly period or menstruation. Though scientifically is normal to say lower back pain is normal as some may have been caused by general body weakness.
However, this is not always the case if you have back pain, shoulder pain during, after or before monthly periods with muscles tension may indicate a sign of endometriosis in women. Visit a doctor if you notice pain in the legs, a sharp sensation in the abdomen an dumbness in the body or if the problem become worse a day before your monthly periods as they might cause more complications.

Deviating Body Temperatures
A good number of women find it very uncomfortable to even stay at a room temperature. This could be as a result of hormonal imbalances that is an increase in the level of estrogen hormone in the body.
Estrogen is a hormone that is responsible for female reproduction. The levels of these hormones deviates throughout a woman lifetime at different times .High levels of this hormone causes cold feet and hands and low levels causes extreme body temperature hence shouldn’t be ignored by a womanas these could give a warning.

Around 10 -20 percent of women globally experience bloated stomach during their monthly menstrual cycle ,however bloated stomach for over one or two weeks regularly could be a sign of endometriosis, ovarian or breast cancer.

When bloating occurs and a patient has endometriosis,one may experience swelling other the belly bottom constantly, which is so warning hence need for medical attention.

Blood clots during periods
We all experience diverse strange things in the body as some women may have lighter ,heavier, soft or darker periods.
It’s also absolutely normal and good to observe your blood clots during your periods especially towards the end of the menstruation period and the color as it could be normal or problematic especially if the drops are big heavy in size , sometimes accompanied by a foul smell.
As a woman if you notice anything strange during your cycle ’it may be an indicator of fibroids, which grows in the wall of the uterus which causing heavy bleeding and sometimes anemia.
Behavioral change
Behavioral changes sometimes occurs at different times of the month and this could be a clear indication that everything is not alright.
Mood swings and alongside changes in behavior could be accompanied by loss of appetite anxiety and nausea,, fatigue especially after doing little tasks could indicate a sign of ovarian cancer.
Behavioral change sometimes affects bowel movement and may cause abdominal pains.
Hair loss
This is one of the most common symptoms of diseases in a human body,it could mean various health conditions. Hair loss commonly is caused by low testosterone hormones levels in both men and women.
This is why we see baldness in men who are over 50 years and some at early ages. Testosterone hormone facilitates hair growth and maintenance in a healthy manner. Baldness is a visual signal that you’ve a hormonal imbalance and sometimes occurs in women and sometimes it may be a different condition called alopecia ,which is a condition that causes hair loss and may need medical attention.