Have you ever wondered why some people are looking older than their age and some look much  younger than their age?and that means there is something they are probably doing inorder to look like they are.In real sense, nobody wants to look older, forever young is the way to go.

There are some of the secrets of living younger at any age;

  1. Surround yourself with pple who encourage , lift you up every single day. Surrounding yourself with people who care for you can make you be happy always. But if you allow toxic   people into your life they will drain you emotionally  especially the narcissits,   avoid them by all means.
  2. Make new friends, travel to different places. Joke a lot as in laughing is an incredible aspect in looking younger; less stress equals to les wrinkles hence laughing boast your moods.
  3. Stop picking at your skin .I know most of us are a  victim of  this  habit of popping every pimple in your face. The   thing is let your skin heal on its own because popping every pimple in your skin may lead to scars, marks or  even wrinkles.
  4. Meditation and yoga is important as they can enormously affect your overall well-being.
  5. Eat a lot of vegetbles, fruits and especially berriese.g strawberries.Also  tomatoes, have a antioxidant lycopene which helps to prevent wrinkles by helping to protect your skin from UV damage. Try eat mushrooms since it has a lot of vitamins.
  6. Stay positive.Being optimistic and having a god attitude is always linked toliving a longer life.
  7. Avoid sitting a lot;Even though most of our jobs might require us to sit for long especially e those  sitting  a lot may  affect your posture and also you may find  yourself becoming fat because all you just  do is eating and sitting. So you  advised to exercise.
  8. Hydrate always. Water is very important and drinking a glass of water a day can make your skin look smooth and younger.Try herbal water like green tea because it helps to remove excess fat I theblood.
  9. Eat a lot of nuts like almond since they contain V itamin E which fight aging and inflammation.
  10. Always learn something new like finding more information about something you don’t know,read more books.All these help to open your mind, improve your memory to absorb and retain information.
  11. Avoid too much carbohydrates.highcarbohydrates diet raise blood sugar   insulin

,therefore  it has been  associated with degenerative diseases eg 0besity, cancer and heart disease.


12.Have enough sleep;practice on  proper sleeping posture.Proper body alignment  can do everything from preventing excessive strain on your joints, muscles and spine.

13.Wear sunglasses, use sun screen to protect your eyes from harmful rays.

14.Exercise a lot especially skip the elevator, climbing the stairs every day can result in better  lung capacity, blood pressure and  cholesterol.

15.Try avoid alcohol,smokng,toomuch coffee, eat less meat but take alot of red wine.

16.Have more fun in the bedroom.Having sex atleast 3 times a week makes you look younger and always glowing.

17.Exfoliate your skin always, you can try natural scrubs eg ovacado and tomato scrub.Never sleep on your makeup.You can hit sauna at times too to  give that smooth  look.