By Lyn Achieng’

Now is the time for you to start taking control of your own. In the last few years, you have become more physically and emotionally mature you have also become more independent.

You have begun to make many of the decisions that adults used to make for you. How many of your own food choices do you now make, for example? Who decides how much exercise you should do? Who chooses your friends? Who decides what you do with your friends? More and more, the answer is you.

Here are some ways to Quite Bad Habits:

  1. Making Changes          

Have you ever tried cutting down on some things and making healthy changes in your life? If so, then you know how difficult the process of changing can be.

The process of change begins when you are aware of the habit and you recognize the problem before anything can be done to change it.

2. Decision Making

Even with awareness it’s not always easy to decide on the best cause of action because most actions have both risks and benefits and you must decide which one outweighs the other.

Awareness of your own abilities is essential on decision-making. You must consider your values, the standards and beliefs that are important to you. You may value friendship, but you must value your own and your friends safety more. Your decisions not only affect you, they affect other important people in your life.

3. Looking Beyond Yourself

It’s important to remember, that your decisions and actions can affect others beyond yourself. Family members, friends, strangers and even future generations can all be affected by the decisions you make.

Considering the effects of your habits on others as well as on yourself is a sign of maturity.  Showing concern for others and encouraging them to act responsibly is another positive sign. The most important aspect of Looking beyond You is that progress introduces change.

In addition, learning to think about the possible effects of your habit may be difficult but it’s important thing to do. You don’t ELIMINATE bad habits, you REPLACE it!!..