Do you have a close friend whom you have known since childhood?

Friends offer a sense of belonging and a handy way to remember an important fact.There are other people who understand and care about you.

Here are some few  problems in friendships;

1.Transfering anger.

Occasionally,a friend may act cruelly towards you even though you have done nothing to anger him or her.The reason behind your friends behavior may have nothing to do with you,your friend might be facing problems elsewhere.Sometimes people transfer the pain they are feeling onto thier close friends.If you are a victim,you should confront your friend to find out what the real problem is by confronting you communicate that you are not willing to be mistreated,and you also show your concern and desire to help your friend work things out.

2.Envy and Jealously

Feelings of envy and Jealously can arise in any friendship .A person maybe envy of a friends accomplishments, appearance,popularity,possessions.Jealousy may result when a friend wants to branch out of a relationship and develop other close relationships.

Envy and Jealousy feelings are normal at times,and cause problems in a friendship.It is better to use communication skills to discuss the problem by talking openly with your friend and you can gain a better understanding of your friendship and of ways to work things out.


In conclusion,in all friendships,even strong ones, problems arise from time to time.For the relationship to be a lasting one,it is important that friends face any problem that do arise and work together to resolve it.