Every day, tragic acts of violence destroy individual’s lives, families and even communities.

Many people have begun to speak out and even demonstrate against the cause of violence in society.

Here are some ways to prevent violence,

1.Recognizing the conflict earlier.

The earlier you deal with things, the lower the levels of anger, and the easier it can be to resolve the problem.

You can prevent violence by recognizing a potential fight situation.

2.Learning to ignore some conflicts.

Not all conflicts required you respond. In some situation it’s good to walk away and do nothing at all.

Though some people think that ignoring a conflict is a sign of being a coward. Actually, it’s a sign of maturity and also about your safety being the first concern.

3.Confronting a person wisely.

In some situations, it may not be advisable to ignore conflict. In these case you may decide to confront a person.

You can resolve the situation by; a) Choosing the time and place carefully.

  1. b) Being calm.
  2. c) Negotiate the solution.

4.Helping others avoid violence.

You can act as a mediator when not involved in a conflict. People who advice friends to ignore insults or not to hold grudges do their friends very important service. They keep their friends safe from the potential of deadly violence.