Post Your Kid or Nah?

Social media is an irresistible tech convenience that the entire world is obsessed with. Users connect with distant families, friends, and even strangers through sharing photos, sending messages, posting videos.

As many positives as social media platforms have, there are downsides. Consider privacy – even if profiles are locked down to family and close friends only, plenty of eyes can see what someone’s doing online.

Are you thinking about posting or choosing not to post photos of your kids on social media? It’s a question new parents are often faced with, and have to think carefully about.

Others think that nothing online could potentially harm their kids, and so they share pictures and videos often not using the privacy settings available. No one means to expose their kids to the seedy side of social media, or embarrass them in a digital way.

The big question here is; why should you refrain from posting photos of your child on social media?

  1. Your child’s privacy and safety is very important. I don’t know what my family members’ privacy settings are or who they are friends with on social media. There are a lot of creeps out there, and the internet makes it easier for them to be creepy.
  2. Children should have the right to choose what is posted about them when they are old enough to decide whether they want to have an online presence or not. This is the first generation that has no say in their online presence, and we want to respect their future choice to be online or not.
  3. We don’t want them to feel embarrassed or be ridiculed for something that was posted about them online because like the say goes, “internet never forgets”.
  4. We don’t want them to be subjected to judgment from our followers or whoever else can view their pictures. We also don’t want them to grow up feeling that they are only as valuable as the number of “likes” they get on a picture or post.

Finally, you’re a parent, so make the best decisions for your kids so that they may be proud about it later when they are old enough to do so.

Share your views if it’s right to post photos of your kids online.