Children are always watching what parents do. They see how you handle stress. They watch how you treat other people and observe how you deal with your feelings. They soak in all that information like sponges. Even when you think your children aren’t paying attention, it’s essential to be a positive role model.

We’ve been brought up in our African homes with various kind of parents, some drunkards, some abusive and some very good role models.

I don’t know which family you grew up in and if your parents were your role model or not, but today, I want us to think about putting out our best behavior before our children so they may emulate us.

One aspect that should be evident in parenting is consistency, whereby whether you are with your family, friends, or coworkers, your child needs to see that you are the same person wherever you are and whoever you are with, not a person whose personality is constantly shifting.

You can decide to show it to your child, always have a good relationship with your parents, it is the only way your child will honor and respect you.

Your child is always watching. Your child sees the kinds of movies and television shows you watch, notices the music you listen to, the people you associate with, the way you drive, and the way you treat your spouse and other people. Your child’s actions will often be a reflection of your actions.

You need to chain your tongue, tame it, and train it. Make sure the words that come out of your mouth toward your spouse, your child, your friends, and even your enemies are respectful and kind.

Dads on the other hand also have a role to play. They are the biggest influence in kids’ formative lives. They have to influence them to excellence.

Thank you for doing all you can to preserve the spiritual health of marriage and the family!  Children need to be taught the word of God. The word of God is the lifeblood of our lives. With our actions and the way we engage our children, we can either build up or destroy the very foundation by which we stand.

We must directly invest in the lives of our children by being the best models. Children are like your reflection in the mirror