By Rose Aboka

Dr. David Owuor’ longterm personal Assistant Bishop Joseph Gitonga was recently excommunicated from the Repentance and Holiness Ministries.  This happened so after women of the Kasarani branch confessed that the bishop has been getting intimate with them. Bishop Joseph has been managing the prophet’s crusades, coordinating programs and also managing church projects. The Star obtained audio clips of the women’s confessions.  “…akaenda akaniombea bila nguo. Alinipaka mafuta mwili mzima mpaka sehemu ya siri. Akatoa mwili yake akatoa sehemu ya siri,” – he prayed for me without clothes, he took out his private part.

Another also claimed that when he had problems in her marriage the bishop called her to his home in Langata . “Nilikuwa napitia shida kwenye ndoa yang,  nikapigia bishop akaniambia niende kwake mahali alikuwa anaishi Lang’ata. .. bishop akakuja chini usiku kama saa tano akaniambia anataka kuniombea akaniambia nitoe nguo zote,  akachukua anointing oil akapaka kwa mwili wangu wote nikiwa Uchi” – I had problems with my marriage, I called the Bishop and he told me to go to his place in Lang’ata … The bishop came down around 11:00 hours and told me that he wanted to pray for me.  He asked me to remove all my clothes and applied anointing oil all over my body while I was naked.

Bishop Joseph Gitonga was issued with his excommunication letter written by Senior archbishop John Litunda.  “This is official communication that you Joseph Gitonga are forthwith excommunicated from the glorious ministry of Repentance and Holiness with immediate effect together with your family and you are not allowed to congregate with this holy ministry of the Lord” it reads.

The notice was also copied to the national council of bishops.

Immediately after service, John Litunda issued a warning to all bishops.  Not to share information with anybody.

However, there is more drama to this.  When The Star went to interview they found the tent brought down and the youths of the Holy church were already packing equipments. “We have guns we can shoot you. Try what you want and you will see,” a photographer of The Star was told.

Joseph Gitonga position was filled with Bishop Erick Simiyu.

One of the women refused to talk to The star telling them to come for the next services and ask the higher authority questions.

John Gitonga has not been picking calls. John Litunda picked up and promised to call back but not a call has been received yet.