Being a parent does not only mean passing genetic species to your offspring. It entails a lot; promoting and supporting physical, emotional and intellectual development.

Are you ready for parenting? This is a question that we should always ask ourselves. Parenting should not be brought about by either the need to secure relationship or to gain social status but because you are ready to walk another being in every step of life.

As a parent, how do you make sure that everything goes well with your child? Most parents opt for children for wrong reasons and this affects their development. Before deciding to adopt a baby or to sire one, you should first get to understand your new role. As the twig is bent so does the tree grows. Values that you instill in a child will determine how he/she handles life challenges.

Parenting is a lifetime contract. Children will always look up to you as a role model. They need you in happiness and sadness alike.

As a parent, always remember;

  • What you do matters – your actions around the child makes a difference. Adopted child or biological child will always watch and do what you as a parent is doing. They tend to master your actions as correct therefore be ready to be a role model.
  • You are part of your child’s life; they will need you but will you be there? Are you able to sacrifice your priorities for the child who needs them most? Mental and physical presence around the child is most important.
  • Being consistent; as the child grows, help them manage their responsibilities. Treat them in a way that you would love them to be treated while with other children. Don’t let a child live in an environment where he is fighting for your attention. Set rules and apply them regularly.

Single parenting is a tall order regardless of circumstances leading to it. A child needs both parents for wholesome growth. However, it is possible when left with no otherwise. Give yourself time to heal from the pain and move on.

Development of a child never lies on the tangible goods provided to them but rather the values instilled.