One on one with Winnie Wenger Walcott


Meet The fastest rising Western Kenya event organizer, CEO Kisumu Plus Size Fashion Affair and a fulltime amazing model at Elegant models(K), Ms Winnie as she speaks about the biggest annual fashion affair in Western Kenya: Plus Size season 4.

Q: why Plus size?

Winnie: I wanted to create body positivity: celebrate and acknowledge among full figured women in western part of Kenya.

Q: What are  some of the impacts of the fashion affair that you can count 4 years down the line?

Winnie:  The event has been the most life changing for me, and  I would say it has impacts on me and the plus size community as well as artists working in Western Region and Kenya at large.

Economically, the event provides income for models, photographers, fashion-prenuers within and outside Kisumu and artists both performing and recording.

The event has provided the plus size women community with a platform to appreciate themselves and it is evident from the models I have previously worked with: some could not express themselves due t fear of body shaming and now they feature on different fashion platforms confidently talking about beauty and plus size

Personally, the event has provided a learning platform as an event organizer. Over the 4years I have learnt to source for the best venues, arrangement of the venue as well as audience engagement: the 2019 attendance was biggest and I am looking forward to a bigger accommodating even a bigger number.

Q : What has was your best moment from plus size season 1 to 4

Winnie: Plus size season 3, My role model: Dorothy Oliech turned up for the event. She has been my  mentor for close to 9 years.

Q: And what about challenges?

Winnie: The most challenging part of Plus size events has been dealing with the event partners’. When you first approach them everyone is positive and promises to be part of it, along the way, they fail to honor their part of the bargain. This is sometimes the most disorganizing especially if it has financial implication.

Q: What advice would you give to a person willing to start an event like yours?

Winnie: start with whatever resources you have, do not worry about starting small, just start you will learn along the way. When you wait for too long, another person may run with your idea. Most importantly, learn to network with the right people. some of the people you will meet are destiny shapers.

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