We are limited only by our imagination and our will to act.......

Whether the dust will settle on Eliud Kipchoge’s historic triumph or not is something that remains to be seen. What is certain and has been in existence since forever is the underlying message that indeed translates in all aspects of success.

To everyone who is tired of going through circles, this is a message loud enough; NO HUMAN IS LIMITED. That career goal is still tenable, that business milestone is still tenable, and that dream is valid only if you acknowledge no limit.

Kipchoge’s victory is still impossible on paper and mathematicians confirmed this with logical and factual evidence that it is indeed beyond human to run 42 kilometers under 2 hours. But on the ground things were different as Kipchoge defied all odds.

Many people are not living fulfilling lives because their reasoning faculty told them it is impossible. They stopped pursuing dreams because logically and on paper it is impossible.

There couldn’t be better time to know that our reasoning faculty is faulty and that it should not be relied upon in the pursuit of any success in life.

Start to BELIEVE. Believe in your ability to become whatever you want because there are no such things as limits other than the ones we set up in our own minds and acknowledge. You think you are defeated? You couldn’t be more right. You think you can? YES YOU CAN.

The habit of sticking to the old and familiar, rejecting new ideas and new activities, and believing that you are incapable of dealing with new experiences limits your spirit, holds you back, and prevents you from becoming successful.

Create the right mindset towards your desires by only giving room to positive thoughts for mind is everything and that you become what you think. Follow through your plan with persistence, hard work, and unlimited mentality. Of course it is certain that you’ll experience mishaps along the journey but with the unlimited mindset they are valuable elements in achieving that wildest dream.

Acknowledge no barrier is insurmountable and before long you’ll be breaking success records.