Natural Anti-Aging Skin Tips

Our skin is a living organ therefore it grows and changes occur on it with time. That can’t be stopped but something can be done to ensure our skin remains younger and brighter forever.  Here are tips on how to remain younger.

Gentle cleaning

How you clean your face affects your appearance. To remove dirt, left over makeup, natural skin oil and bacteria on our skin, use warm water and a mild cleanser. Do this twice or thrice in a day if possible. Avoid scrubbing your face.

Watch the sun

The sun has got harmful ultra violet rays which prematurely ages and affects our skin. It’s therefore important to find a shade especially between noon and 2pm. You can as well apply sunscreen oil on parts of the skin that are uncovered with clothing always. You can opt to get out in style especially on a sunny day, putting on long sleeves and pants; don’t forget to carry a wide brimmed hat and sun glasses.

Don’t get sun-baked!


Aging means less sebum in our bodies. This frequently leads to skin hydration (drying of the skin). This leads to skin wrinkles and breakage if not dealt with. Moisturize your skin frequently to balance its tone and improve skin texture. Use facial and body moisturizer. Don’t forget lip balm for your lips. Do this on a clean skin to avoid clogging dirt.


Our skin sheds dead cells regularly to create a new layer. Regular exfoliation helps unclog pores and reveals a rejuvenated skin.

Eat a balanced diet

“You are a reflection of what you eat”. A healthy diet promotes a healthy skin. Take plenty of fruits, vegetables and clean water.  Avoid smoking and alcohol. Sugary foods and carbohydrates accelerate skin aging for the break down glucose in our bodies.

Exercise frequently

Body exercise helps increases blood flow. Increased blood flow nourishes skin cells. This helps in opening of the skin pores and eases cleaning. Exercise also helps to reduce skin wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Avoid repetitive facial expressions for they form lines on the skin too.


Have a good rest of up to 8 hours. You can as well take a nap, it’s called beauty rest. This gives your body to restore, rebalance and renew itself. Sleep wrinkles can also be formed if you press your face on the pillow while sleeping. Puffy eyes and tired looking skin makes you look older.