Must Have in Wardrobe

Over the recent times, there have been talks about women essentials and one of the major centres of focus in on the wardrobe. Coming to think of it, when it comes to fashion, women have been placed on the forefront.  Fashion is not just about having something magnificent, it should mirror your personality as well. Below is a glimpse of what today woman cannot afford to miss.

 Crisp white tee

On top of the list is acre’s white tee, which is a good start up for a clean slate. A crisp white tee is a versatile and cool part of a wardrobe that one can wear anytime of the day or year.

 Little black dress

A little black dress works the magic all the time. Regardless of body shape or size, a modest, semi modest, knee size black dress works magic day and night. To work better, trust on your instincts.

 Dark skinny jeans

Dark skinny jeans never go out of fashion, just like big round earrings for a thick round-faced lasso. Dark skinny jeans are perfect for an up or down dressing and therefore, they are bread and butter that work for any season.

 Button up shirt

Button up shirts are always associated with boys but with good colors, prints and textures, they can just be what a woman needs to pull off a polished casual or official look. These can be worn with pencil skirts or jeans depending on the needs.

 Simple flat shoes

Black flat shoes are a jack-of-all-trades and can land the just perfect look for almost any event including a grocery run or a board meeting. A common closet tip among women is to never be afraid to try out the new trends and those that you fall in love with. Wardrobe staples pay a very supporting role to dressing pieces from season to season. It is high time you talk to your stylist about stocking up some of these.