Money and love

Money can be the reason as to why a relationship begins but similarly it can be the reason as to why it ends. First meetings especially in a relationship may never give you a clue of your partner’s financial stability.  Some dress expensively while in real sense lack money while the opposite could be true to those who are simple in their dressing.  As a relationship begins, a man is never afraid of spending his money on a girl. Paying for a date and even buying them gifts.

But as the relationship grows, money takes lead in everything, even to a partner that promised that money wasn’t the main reason for loving you, will feel the pinch. How you spend your leisure time, where and how you live, what you eat and put on will entirely depend on money. At this point, some relationships break and couples spend most of their time arguing.

Men behave differently especially when it comes to money issues. Some are selfish, which isn’t a bad thing to be especially when they are doing what they love. They prefer investing their money into business rather than treating their girlfriends (not that they don’t, they do but once in a while), some will fully jump into a relationship with all their paycheck. Having fun and treating their girlfriends fully, some will involve their partners in discussing and planning on their finances. similarly, ladies are different though most of them are selfish and only think of themselves. A few of them are okay to share their relationship expenses with their partners i.e. paying for dates and leisure expenses.

Basically, no matter how much we try to sideline money in our relationship, it will forever find its way back.  Most studies clearly show money as the cause of break-ups.

Financial talk

Have a financial discussion with your partner at the early stages of dating. Avoid telling lies about the amount you are earning and how you spend it because at a certain point it will be out and may cause more damage in your relationship.  Let money not be your reason of dating. Situations change and that will mean that the relationship will have to end and to some extent, a partner can take advantage of the money to exploit you in the relationship. Cut your coat according to your size, do not kill yourself to provide comfort to your partner especially when you can’t afford, and because of this, it’s good you use a budget.  Discuss and agree who will cater for the date, if the man isn’t in position to do that, then let the lady come in.  Don’t stay in a heterosexual relationship. A man too can be broke!

As the relationship grows stronger, money expenditure also rises hence need for a financial status plan.  Talk of your career ambitions, this will help you figure out if it is possible to achieve your dreams with the existing financial status, talk of savings and spending. This will help the couple to have a good saving plan for the future. Share about the living expenses, we have bills to pay and a 50/50 contribution could be unfair to one partner. Agree on how to split the payments according to one’s ability. Discuss about debts, your partner could be struggling with debts such as student loan or car loans. Don’t avoid talking about vacation expenditures. Travel and leisure plans are enjoyable when planned.

Money is like a magnet, always pulling different gender together but don’t let it be the reason as to why your marriage breaks or relationship ends.