Meet Smudge the Famous Cat

By Rose Aboka

By now almost everyone must have seen smudge the cat. It has taken the internet by storm and subject of every meme. It went viral after its owner posted a picture of it seated at the dining table. It started when the owner, Miranda posted her cat Smudge side by side with a picture of two women who are cast members of the famous reality TV show, ” Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, Taylor Armstrong and Kyle Richards.  One woman is seen to be arguing and the other seems to be holding her back, and on the side picture we had an innocent Smudge looking confused or rather surprised.

Miranda started it all when she paired the two pictures with the words ‘me explaining to my cat that I won’t tell anyone if he can’t speak…. My cat pretending he can’t speak.’  She tweeted it with caption “These photos together is making me lose it” and within two months it had 78,900 retweets and 276,800 likes. Smudge’s owner explained that the picture came about because Smudge has its own seat at the table. If it doesn’t get its seat he jumps on any when the owner is not around.  So that day smudge was not at its usual place. Also, it did not like the day’s food.

Smudge’s owner described it as a shy cat and also friendly.