LBD is The Ultimate Wardrobe Essential

By Mupemo Patience

If you are someone who follows “must have wardrobe items”, you will most likely agree with me that the ‘Little Black Dress’ (LBD) is something that every lady should own. It’s almost illegal not to have it (this law must be legalized).Why? Because it’s a life saver in a situation where you suddenly need to go somewhere and have no clue on what to wear. Here is how you can wear your LBD;

The Elegant Way

It has a way of making people look like they are on top of things. Bright colored Stiletto heels are definitely a great idea on such a dress, they are classic. Alternatively, you may wear strappy heels; just make sure they are nothing close to a dull color.

If your dress is loose to the body, have your hair pinned neatly. On the other hand, if it’s tight to the body you can allow your hair to have a flowy look.

Never forget to wear earrings! They have a way of highlighting the dress. Go for the ones that go well with the color of your shoes. If you have a long neck, long ones are a goal. Am I suggesting that ladies with short necks should never wear long earrings? That’s a story for another day.

The Casual Way…                                                  

This is the most comfortable ways you can wear the LBD especially if you are a sneaker girl. White sneakers are such a treasure on such a clothing item, trust me! Don’t worry if you are lacking in white sneakers, any bright colored sneakers can look great too. Noticed the pattern in the color of shoes? That’s because black is dark, it needs a highlighter.

Is the weather cool? A denim jacket would not break any bone. It would make your casual look even better.

Remember that the “Zooming Association of Social Media” is on a hunt? Yes, scratch that. So ensure to wear a different set of earrings if you have worn the dress before in another style, you don’t want your look to be identical as to when you last wore it. Never forget to carry your tiny shoulder bag, whatever brand it is as long as it accentuates your casual look. Lastly, add a pop of Godfidence; it’s what makes your look glow even more. Now go rock the LBD lady boss!