Kenya’s First Lesbian Pastor

By Rose Aboka

Normally, there are situations that are never easy to admit. One such situation is being a member of LGBTQ family. It couldn’t be more surreal in a moral conservative community. But here is the case of a pastor who has blatantly announced that she is a lesbian.

Evangelist Jacinta Nzilani recalled how everything started when she was 16. “When I was 16, I realized that I was attracted to women. More than men…” she said.

Evangelist Jacinta Nzilani Kilonzo is a mother of three. She was married for twenty five years before her husband passed on. According to Nzilani, marriage was not easy for her based on her desires.  “Marriage was tough and I was not interested in sex. Whenever we got intimate it was by force and I hated it.”

The 50 year old evangelist added that a priest once fondled her but she didn’t like it. She was hurt. “I did not know any man at that time and what the priest did to me really bruise my ego.”  She then joined a church near Odeon which accepts her community.   Her first love in the LGBT family was a bisexual which ended soon since she needed a Lesbian.  The mother of three says that she was given a bad treatment by her in-laws making her to only want to live with women.  “I am a Lesbian, a widow, and a woman who stayed with her husband for 25 years until his death. …And I was badly treated by my in-laws and that is how I came to embrace my decision” she recalled.

She opened up earlier this year when tens of the LGBT members gathered before the high Court, waiting for a favorable ruling.