It is Never too Late to Start

Most people will ask, is it the right time to invest?  How much do i need to start investing?  How do i start investing? These are the questions most people especially the youths ask themselves.

Meet Sharon Tirabassi, a young lady who won a lottery of $10.5 million. That’s good money yes,  and she decided to cut the coat according to her size; fancy house, fancy car,  purchasing designer clothes, going to exotic trips and attending lavish parties. Two years down the line, she lived in debts. Why?  People will always forget that it does not matter how much you earn, how much you save and invest is what matters.

Saving and investing are different but connected.  When you save, you consume less of what you earn but investing, you use your savings to acquire more money.

There is no wrong time in doing the right thing; investing, if it’s too late then start where you stand and work with what you have in hand now. Remember, the earlier you invest, the earlier you learn about investing and develop your own lifestyle.

Tips to follow before starting to invest:

  1. Assess your financial status.

Are you having any cash flow? Remember the amount does not matter. If you are in any huge debts then repay to reduce losses incurred when you start investing.

  1. Assess the risk.

You should be able to handle investment risks both psychologically and financially.

  1. Set a timeline.

You need to have an objective for your investment. Is it to increase cash or for retirement benefits? Setting goals, either, short-term, mid-term or long-term will help you set a timeline for your investment.

  1. be diverse.

Open-minded individuals are able to involve themselves in a mix of investments. Don’t put all your savings in one investment, it might go sour. Engaging in different investments reduces risks and offers high potential to yield high.

The difficult part of investing is starting, once this task is accomplished, going forward becomes pretty easy. Money is contagious, it attracts money.

Thinking of the best investments to engage in? Have a look at these;

  1. Open a savings account.

This is such a boring investment, but trust me, its super safe.  Try avoiding human wants and focus on your needs, then save the rest.

  1. Mutual funds.

We have many funds that allow you to invest with them with as low as $100. Choose on a fund which offers lower interest.

  1. Lending.

Just as the name suggests, it’s all about giving someone money on loan with an interest, mainly to make a profit. This also builds a connection between borrowers and investors.

  1. Yourself.

The best and easiest investment one could think of is investing in you. Enrich your life financially. This may involve, taking your mentor for coffee and picking their brains. Pay for training on courses that sharpen your skills. Sharpen a skill to make you marketable.

  1. Books.

Instead of paying a financial analyst to mentor you on how to invest, buy a book. Books give you a chance to improve on classics about your objectives. For instance; The intelligent investor.

  1. Your own business.

They say entrepreneurial minded people have a higher chance of financial success. Involve yourself in business. You don’t know how you will do it until you try. An investment is only termed as an investment when it leads to an increase in demand for human and physical resources hence increasing employment.

“Am earning $10,000 a month, why should i invest?”

Most individuals will be blinded by the amount of money they earn each month and fail to save and invest. Think of someone who earns $10,000 a month and decides to retire after 20 years of working.

Salary,       $10,000*12*20=$2,400,000

Expenditure, $6000*12*20=$1,440,000

Post retirement money; $2,400,000-$1,440,000=$960,000

The remaining money will not be able to sustain this individual for the coming 10 years without interfering with his or her lifestyle putting in mind the increasing economic life.

Investment will help;

  1. Build wealth and financial security.

Through investment, one is able to secure present and future long term financial security. Ensures your money grows each year through creating wealth. Investment does not only make you rich but keeps you rich.


  1. Save for retirement.

Investment helps you to live off funds earned comfortably after retirement. Investment helps one not to change his or her lifestyle after work.

  1. Helps earn high returns.

Compared to savings, smart investment gives you high rates of returns and keeps you rich .it offers another stream of income to add on your salary.

  1. Helps fight inflation.

Inflation refers to progressive increase in price. Investment helps one to deal better with the growing cost of living without falling in debts.

  1. Reduce taxable income.Some investments are not advisable to go for, for instance;

    Get rich quick schemes and gambling. When the deal is too sweet, think twice. Watch out when one offers you a secret way of getting rich quickly. You may end up losing everything. Most people tend to engage in gambling, though i will advice not to go for it for it’s much risky.

    Saving and investment goes hand- in- hand with self discipline. Start today start now.