Is Your Partner a Narcissist

Being in a relationship is good until you realize your partner is much more in love with themselves. Is it self-confidence or narcissism? 24/7 your partner is busy talking and praising themselves, posting pictures of themselves and having everyone believe they are the best beings. During the first encounters, one can conclude that their partner is self-admirable. A narcissist individual is one who is undergoing some mental health condition (personality disorder) and spotting this especially when in a relationship is not as easy as it seems.

How do you know your partner is a narcissist? What makes you feel you are dating a narcissist? This condition can only be diagnosed by a specialist but we have some warning signs which can make you realize you are dating a narcissist.

First, everything is always about themselves. It does not matter who is talking, what matters to them is who the conversation is all about. They constantly talk about themselves, their success and achievements. They rarely want to listen or talk about someone else. When your partner is always having less or no genuine interest in listening anything about you, then watch out, they could be suffering from personality disorder.

At no particular time will you get a compliment over your achievement from your partner. He / she is always talking of how they could have done it better than you. They believe in being the best and therefore expect all accomplishments to come to them and not any other person. For a narcissist, they are comfortable doing anything either good or bad just to ensure they feel great. Most have low self-esteem and therefore use insults to bring others down in order to feel superior. They always tend to feed off your compliment.

No narcissist has empathy. Your partner is never in a position to make you feel cared for, understood or even there for them. They never relate symptoms that belong to you. You had a bad day at work? that’s normal for them, you lost your job? No empathy from them.  They have no listening ear to anything either good or bad concerning you unless it is of benefit to them.

If you are worried your partner could be a narcissist, then check out if he / she has some long-term friends. They are at first charming and friendly after realizing you are capable of making them feel great or be acknowledged. It’s never easy for narcissists to keep friends especially when they cannot make them feel greater and more powerful. They will always bring up claims such ‘not being valued, not given time or attention or even no appreciation. When this happens, it leads to arguments and unending fight.

Does your partner love reactions even on petty issues? Do they find any means to make you feel worthless? If yes then there is a high probability you are dating one. Narcissists will always want to diminish you no matter the situation. They enjoy realizing they have the power to affect your emotional state. They make you inferior for them to feel superior. This is there only target, to feel great!

No apologies, no compromising. Everything they say and do is right! In case of a misunderstanding or dis-agreement, your partner is always winning. He always brings back the fault to you. ‘I lost my job and it was because of you. You never woke me up early!’. When you are in a relationship where your partner never listens to you, never understands your situation or is never responsible for his / her faults, you better watch out!

So manipulative and selfish. Everything good should belong to them. Every good act should be done to them but not vice versa. They believe the world revolves only around them and that they deserve everything good. They strive to be identified and acknowledged everywhere. For them, they believe others are there just to help them grow and be successful.