Is This Love Worth The Sacrifice?

Love is an addiction; it’s like alcohol where if not keen it controls you. It creates both joy and pain. Am certain most of our best and worst memories are made of our love histories.  Love creates imagined happiness which we never truly live by; it generates jealousy and hatred where at times not deserved. What we forget to ask ourselves is, is love worth our sacrifice?

Yes, love is a two way traffic but in some instances one partner tolerates everything to make it happen.

A loving relationship is mainly defined by being able to think not only about you but having time to think about the other person and care about their needs and well being. At times, it calls for sacrifice, but is it worth? I believe that what make relationships great are both individuals sacrificing their own desires, time and needs for one another. But when it comes to sacrificing self respect, your future goals and dignity just to be together then it’s no longer love.

They say if you want your relationship to last then let your partners be your best friend. Talk openly and act freely with your partner just like your friend. But are you ready to tolerate your partner’s negative behavior in your best friend?  I bet your answer is no. The friendship will be cut immediately.

Love is never enough, maybe moderation is key! I remember my first relationship where everything seemed true; I trusted this feeling and believed that it was the only best thing that matters. Our late night chats, calls and long walks. I could sacrifice anything just to be with him! Some never get enough and will seek it even from their friends spouse or even their ex who probably they are unable to let go. Some will lie, steal and even hurt others just to get one more fix. It’s never enough.

As we grow in love, we get experience and come to realize that it’s just but a feeling that comes and goes like any other! Our petty dramas, tearful screams, shattered cell phone screens…they come and go. We get to learn that just because it feels good to be in love doesn’t mean it is good.

Love is meant to supplement our identity not to reduce or replace it. Emotions add up to who we are and are not supposed to define us. Why tolerate behavior in our romantic relationship that we would never ever tolerate in our friendship? Tolerating abusive behavior in our relationship is allowing love to negate us and soon we will be back to square one. Watch your sacrifice for love.